How can I register?
A: You can register by your mobile phone number with verification code, or you can log-in via third-party software such as using your Google or Facebook account.
How to delete my account?
A: Please make sure you clear all the coins, points and friends in your account, and please provide the mobile phone number/registered third-party account information and common login address to Lemo team, we will check the information and process the delete procedure.
After the account is deleted, the mobile phone number/third-party account bound to the account will not be able to register the Lemo ID again. Any information in the deleted account cannot be retrieved again.
How do I report a user if I encounter harassment?
A: If you encounter harassment in the APP, please click [Personal Information], select [Block], and then click [OK]. In this way, he will no longer be able to send you any messages, and will not be able to enter the room you opened. After confirming the violation through the Lemo team, the account will be processed accordingly.
What should I do when my account login error?
A: When your account login error, please check if there is a network failure or network problem. If it is not a network problem, please report the error login screen to the Lemo official team; we will fix the problem as soon as possible.
How to use the voice chatting room?
A: The Lemo voice chatting room currently has three types of room: Chatting room, Song Listening room and Companion room. And with plenty kinds of gameplay, the room can simultaneously open up to nine people online, so that each room present a unique style.
What features does the homeowner of the voice chatting room have?
A: The owner of the Lemo voice chatting room has up to eight room functions. Not only you can invite friends, start live broadcast, but also can roll the dice and play the slot machine. Varieties of creative functions are waiting for you to try.
How to play wonderful moment?
A: The Lemo wonderful moment is a good place to discover high-quality friends. As long as you publish stories with hash tag, it can let more people discover your beauty.